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Hiking Rialto Beach
Rialto Beach

Rialto Beach is an amazing beach located on the Olympic Peninsula just North of the famous La Push beach if you are a twighlight fan (if not there is a beach scene in the movie). The beach is features many stacks, a rock outcrop called hole in the wall and non stop tide pool action. To visit forks, just North of Forks on turn on...

Seattle Sounder at Sunrise
Welcome to Seattle

My first week in Seattle at my new job. I remember waking up early in the morning, eager to begin my first day on the job. Begining my day, I was filled with typical first day anxieties but at the same time excited at starting a new job.

Lady in the Lake
Moose Creek Reservior

Moose Creek Reservior is a small "water hole" for the locals around Boville, Idaho. It is a popular destination for a the weekend because of its proximity to Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington. The lake is not that big, but teams with wildlife and presents decent fishing opportunities, especially for kids. One friday afternoon, I decided to pack up kids and head up to this...

Lake Cushman Looking to the East
Lake Cushman

Located on the north fork of theSkokomish RiverLake Cushman is a expansive lake that is a popular destination for campers. Stair Case campground is located at the head end of the lake, which is very busy. Dont forget your wallet, as camping is 20 dollars per night plus a steep entrance fee for vehicles.

Black Rock of Sandpoint Idaho
Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho is one of those places you just need to visit to appreciate. Located next Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint, Idaho is full of awesome landscapes any time of the year.

Rotary Grocery
Pikes Place Market

Working downtown Seattle has its share of benefits, including being near the iconic Pikes Place Market in the historical district of Seattle. This thriving market place provides the store front for many traditional vending opportunities including a fish, flower and vegetable markets.

WSU Arboretum at Sunset
Palouse Perspectives

The Palouse is a unique area. From a geology perspective, there is really no where like it in the world. The unique geology combined with a diverse climate creates some of the most unique photographic opportunities. In the spring, the hills of the palouse start out green covered in mostly wheat or lentils with small pockets of ponderosa pine. As summer progresses, the wheat becomes...

Bryan Hall Fall Morning
Washington State University Life

I worked at Washington State University for almost ten years. Almost every day I would pack my lunch, and enjoy my less than ten minute commute to work to a job where I was responsible for supporting research computing environments. Although I am no longer employed by Washington State University, I am certainly glad I would bring my camera to work to capture some of...

James Cash Up Davis Hotel
Steptoe Butte on the Palouse

From Pullman, Washington, on your way to Spokane, you often see just outside of the small town of Colfax, a huge, out of place mountain. Once a volcano, Steptoe Butte juts out of the palouse like a pimple on a teenager. Surrounded by rounded hills, Steptoe Butte is one of the tallest landscape features in the area. It is a great vantage point to enjoy...

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