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Biography for Randall Svancara

Visual Intrigue is the home for my photography. Based out of Seattle, I am traveling the Pacific Northwest taking photos. My interest in photography started with a recommendation of a co-worker, Bruce Kinkead to learn photography on a Pentax k1000, a very simple film camera with match needle exposure. The Pentax K1000 is a film camera camera, but provided a great platform to learn the basics of photography including understanding the principles of light and how to control it through the use of aperture, ISO, and the shutter. From this simple platform, my passion for landscape photography evolved and continues to evolve with every new adventure. I hope you enjoy this site.

About This Site

Visual intrigue site started off as a platform to post my photography. I started this project using Drupal with a Postgresql database backend and quickly realized that platforms, like Wordpress and Drupal just plain suck for the following reasons. First they suffer from extreme code bloat. Second they inherently have performance challenges due to the quantity of slow database interactions they make. And lastly, they follow a cookie cutter recipe that prevents the level of customization I require. As a result, I have built my own content management solution that makes sense for my use cases based on Python using a micro-web framework called flask using a scalable, nosql database backend. The end result is a light and fast website that performs well, can scale and is designed for serving photograpic content. You can find the project on